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I Want It All (Variety Box of 12)

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$ 38.00 USD

Do you want it all? Well here it is! All of your favorite Eat Me Guilt Free brownie flavors available in one box. This flavor packed variety box includes: 2 Original Chocolate Brownies, 2 Galaxy Brownies, 2 PB Bliss Brownies, 2 Birthday Cake Brownies, 2 Red Velvet Brownies, and 2 Tuxedo Brownies! Why have "enough" when you can have it all?


*High Protein, satiates hunger (Over 20 grams of Protein).

*Better for you baked goods

*Low Carb, perfect for late afternoons and night time sweet cravings.

*Simple ingredients 


*See individual products for nutrition information*

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