Safety and Quality Control Manager

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Our team is searching for an experienced Safety and Quality Control Manager. This position will report directly to senior leadership. The Safety & Quality Control Manager understands the customer's needs and requirements and coordinates employee efforts and communications between management, bakeries and the production teams.

Job Description:

The Safety & Quality Control Manager will be responsible for ensuring the manufacturing production lines run smoothly and generate a consistently suitable output of products that meet quality and efficiency standards.

  • Gaining an understanding of the client's needs and requirements and communicating them and the quality standards to the production teams.
  • Creating ways to improve the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods.
  • Reviewing new specifications and procedures for products or processes
  • Setting the requirements for raw materials from suppliers and monitoring their compliance.
  • Ensuring legal obligations are followed and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and with health and safety guidelines.
  • Overseeing product development procedures by visiting the co-packer facility
  • every other day at minimum to identify any deviations from quality standards.
  • Inspecting the final output, comparing it to the requirements, and approving or
    rejecting the final products.
  • Ensure all formula changes and product launches adhere to FDA regulations,
    and EMGF’s quality standards
  • Send updated communication when needed if items will not be meeting
    deadlines (sales, marketing, operations)
  • Monthly review of databases for any FDA Regulation changes/ any certification requirement changes
  • Daily monitoring of inbound quality check (water control report, micropore test report, weight report)
    • Water Activity test
    • Micropore test
    • Weight test
  • Ensure co-packers effectively transition to new formulas with all standardized specifications when needed
  • Ensure monthly pest control visits are being effective to avoid any pest problems - report to pest company if any issues
  • Monthly audit (or when new item is released) of sales channels to ensure verbiage/design meets FDA standards and EMGF quality standards
  • Upkeeping, creation, and removal of all GS1 established barcodes when needed

Compensation is $80,000 Annually. Please send resume to