We're Revolutionizing Delicious

You are a BADASS who’s in control of your own health, body and mind. It’s up to you to make the right nutritional choices everyday - that’s where we come into the equation - we’re here to make your life easier and tastier.

PSA: huge food companies hate the thought of you choosing better foods, it’s much cheaper to market and sell addictive, unhealthy ingredients. 

THE GOOD NEWS: we have started a REVOLUTION at Eat Me Guilt Free. The future of food is more amazing and delicious than what you’ve ever known. Take our hand and experience the effects of better-for-you ingredients on your mind, body and soul. 

Hear more from our founder about Freeing Delicious:

What is Free Delicious?  

Free Delicious is our new brand mission. For years, the word  “delicious” was used by large corporations to trick people into eating unhealthy, toxic foods. The horrible ingredients (such as high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, etc.) were masked by the great taste. They had tricked us into thinking that we had to eat unhealthy in order to experience delicious.

We at Eat Me Guilt Free have your backs, though. We’re here to fight and Free Delicious by putting the power of choice into your hands.

With Free Delicious – we are here to take delicious back. At Eat Me Guilt Free, delicious is now surrounded by all things better for you.  Better nutrition fact ratios, less sugar, no preservatives and no GMOs. 

Free Delicious is more than just a statement. It symbolizes a new era– one in which the future of food has arrived conveniently at your door. Now YOU have the freedom to eat foods with the best available ingredients that ALSO taste delicious.  

Free Delicious:  A Freedom Mindset  

At Eat Me Guilt Free, Free Delicious is the manifestation of our company’s mission and core belief – that Freedom Should Not Have Limitations. 

Freedom should not have limitations – and eating better-for-you foods that taste good is the freedom our society deserves. This revolutionary mindset is in the DNA of our company, and it drives everything we do. 

At Eat Me Guilt Free, we want to grow with others that believe in being FREE. With those who are willing to question and rebel against the social constructs imposed by society.  Our freedom movement goes beyond choosing better-for-you foods to helping female entrepreneurs who are challenging gender stereotypes; to supporting diverse communities such as LGBTQIA in the fight for equality and inclusivity; and more. 

Our day-to-day is doing what we love, creating better-for-you foods. But our bigger mission goes beyond food, we are fighting for freedom without limitations.


Why Should I Free Delicious? 

When you Free Delicious, you are empowering yourself by choosing better-for-you food options. When you Free Delicious, you break away from the old ways of doing things, and you own your power. You open your mind and become aware of unhealthy ingredients that are trying to trick you because of their great taste. 

When you Free Delicious, you become part of something bigger. We’re revolutionizing the way people eat and think about food. When you Free Delicious, you are supporting a movement led by a new era of leaders. 

In our case, our Founder is a Cuban single mom of 3 who was previously an ER nurse turned sports nutritionist, then entrepreneur. Not only are we freeing the meaning of delicious, we are freeing ourselves from the stereotypes and constraints of society.

When you Free Delicious, you become a champion of evolution, innovation and freedom of expression and choice. You become part of a community that has a larger end goal – to ensure that true freedom should not have limitations.  



How Can I Free Delicious?   

Let us help you help yourself. It’s as easy as starting to incorporate more delicious, better-for-you products into your daily routine. 

But don’t keep this new mindset to yourself. Share the Free Delicious revolution with your friends and fam so they can join the movement and enjoy better-for-you foods that also taste damn delicious.  

Inclusivity is everything. Free Delicious is for EVERYONE (even if they don’t know about it yet), we are fighting to give the freedom of choice back to society. 

Free Delicious goes beyond food. You can apply this mindset everywhere in your life - from your goals, to relationships and creative ideas. When you free delicious, you pave the way to a better version of you. What’s your version of Freeing Delicious?