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TedX: “Women, Sex & Power. Embrace all of you.”

Posted on April 04 2022

TedX: “Women, Sex & Power. Embrace all of you.”

“Women, Sex & Power. Embrace all of you.”

Nothing could make us happier than our founder, Cristie Besu having her @tedx_official launch in women's month! Cristie is a FIERCE advocate for the marginalized, and her TedX talk shines a light on how the world is a better place when women can fully express themselves. Nobody should be muted. Picture a world where it wasn’t unusual for women to mention sex in conversation. Imagine what would happen if double standards did not exist and important conversations were not avoided. Cristie found out the hard way. As a human-focused on the betterment of society, health, and nutrition – that same passion that drove her as an ER Nurse remains the same, if not higher, as she now applies it to a broader universe of people that deserve to not be limited with their personal freedoms. "I'm excited about a world where all women can express themselves completely."


Click here to watch the video!