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Forbes: 3 Food Companies Targeting The Growing Keto Diet Market

Posted on October 05 2021

Forbes: 3 Food Companies Targeting The Growing Keto Diet Market


Eat Me Guilt Free makes high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar brownies, tortillas and breads that are also non-GMO and free from preservatives. CEO and Founder Cristie Besu is a registered nurse and sports nutritionist who started the company as a passion project. “Clients turned to me for nutrition and fitness guidance to help curb their sugar cravings. Nurses are problem-solvers by nature, so I started baking products to replace the unhealthy foods we crave.”

Besu started sharing her journey as an entrepreneur on Instagram and rapidly grew a direct-to-consumer business. Within the last two years, the company has secured national and international distribution. As a Latina business owner, Besu also is committed to paying it forward to help other women entrepreneurs. The “You Glow Girl” grant, awarded to one female entrepreneur each year, offers a $10,000 cash prize, plus a one-year supply of Eat Me Guilt Free products, a Peloton bike and a mentorship program with Besu herself.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Besu says, “Remain open minded. People who are successful and overcome adversity are those who learn and thrive from their mistakes. They realize that challenges are part of growth.”

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