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Florida Trend: Cristie Besu

Posted on November 16 2022

Florida Trend: Cristie Besu

Cristie Besu
Founder, Eat Me Guilt Free, Miami

Nurse and sports nutritionist Cristie Besu started her Eat Me Guilt Free line of high-protein, low-carb baked goods in her kitchen a decade ago when her clients would confess to cheating on their diets. Besu, a Miami native, realized there was a business opportunity in making healthier treats.

“The brownie was born as a result of hearing the same complaint over and over again. ‘I feel terrible. I ate this brownie or a piece of cake,’ ” Besu says. “I felt there was this huge discrepancy between what we wanted to eat and what we had to eat.” Developing healthy recipes had been her hobby, but now it had a purpose.


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