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Protein-Packed Blondie Cake

Posted on August 30 2021

Protein-Packed Blondie Cake

Have your cake AND eat it too! This protein-packed vanilla cake is perfect for when you're in a crunch and want a better-for-you option that doesn’t skimp and deliciousness! PLUS it takes less than 10 minutes to make and doesn’t require any baking.

What you'll need


What to do

1. Place for 4 blondies in a square on a dish

2. Layer frosting on the blondies then stack the remaining 4 blondies directly on top

3. Empty half a tub of frosting into a plastic bag, add several drops of red food coloring and mix the frosting and food coloring, then snip a small corner of the bag and set aside

4. Frost the entire cake thoroughly and then add a second layer of frosting to cover any crumbs

5. Decorate the sides of the cake with funfetti sprinkles

6. Draw on the cake with the red frosting and voila - your protein-packed cake is ready to go!