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Protein Blondie Tres Leches

Posted on November 18 2021

Protein Blondie Tres Leches
We recreated the most underrated and absolutely delicious dessert EVER - Tres Leches 🍰 Warning this latin inspired dessert isn’t the healthiest ever but it’s packed with protein so hey that evens it out, right? Anyways life’s short and you gotta indulge from time to time 🤤

What you’ll need to make a single Tres Leches 

What you’ll do

1. Add blondies to a jar then use a fork to poke holes in them
2. Pour in the evaporated and condensed milk
3. Let them sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so the blondies can soak up the milk
4. Top with heavy whipped cream and sliced strawberries


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