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Pesto Eggs

Posted on May 17 2021

Pesto Eggs

If you love eggs and pesto, get ready to become obsessed with this super-easy breakfast recipe! Pesto eggs blew up on TikTok for good reason, it combines the nutty, basil flavor of the pesto with everyone’s favorite breakfast food! All you need is a nonstick skillet, eggs, a heaping spoonful of pesto, and some delicious toast to serve with!


What you need


What to do

  1. Preheat pan on medium and add the pesto 
  2. Once the pesto is heated up, crack the eggs in 
  3. Turn heat down to low and cook the eggs slowly so the pesto doesn’t burn, cover as needed to help cook the eggs through
  4. Enjoy on top of your favorite Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread with a sprinkle of sea salt  


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