Monster Brownies

Monster Brownies

Monster Brownies

Celebrate this spooky season with these delicious Monster Brownies. No tricks, just protein-packed, delicious treats.


  • 6 Birthday Cake Blondies (or you can substitute with your favorite flavor)
  • 6 tablespoons of white Keto frosting or sugar free frosting (available on Amazon)  
  • Orange, Purple and Green natural food coloring (powered is best but can be liquid)
  • Orange, purple and green sprinkles (you need about 3 tablespoons of each color)
  • Edible eyeball sprinkles (also available on amazon)



  1. Mix about two tablespoons of keto or sugar free frosting in 3 small bowls. A total of 6 tablespoons (2 tablespoons in each small bowl).  
  2. Add orange natural food coloring to the first bowl in very small amounts until you reach your desired color. Then follow the same directions on the second two bowls for your remaining colors. 
  3. Lay out the 6 brownies on your counter or board that you will be using to decorate. Keep your plate or tray for display nearby so you can place them as you complete each one. 
  4. Use a butter knife to smear a thin layer of orange frosting on the top 2/3 of a brownie.  Use your fingers to grab the orange sprinkles and add them to the top 1/3 of the frosted portion of the brownie.  Take about 3-4 edible eye sprinkles or candy eyeballs and place them in a pattern of your choice on the  two thirds of the frosted area.  Place the brownie on your serving dish or tray and repeat  the steps for the next 5 brownies. 2 orange, 2 purple and 2 green.
  5. Enjoy your spooky treats!


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