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A Letter From Cristie: Women's Small Owned Business Month

Posted on October 20 2019

Being a woman is by no means easy, and it isn’t any easier being a female entrepreneur. I didn’t know many women who owned businesses growing up, but I’m thrilled to see that female entrepreneurship is on the rise.
I’m very proud to say Eat Me Guilt Free is a member of WBENC. Some of you may not know, but October is National Women’s Small Business Month. WBENC has launched a campaign to encourage everyone to support small, women-owned businesses. Check out #BuyWomenOwned!
 As a woman with a successful small business, I wanted to share some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Set Realistic Goals

Early on in my career I wanted to have that Hallmark Card dinner every night with my kids. I was frustrated when I couldn’t make it happen. Looking back, I realize I was asking too much of myself, especially since most nights I go home and keep working. Instead, I decided to pick two days of the week to have dinner as a family. Now I have a meal with my kids every Monday and Thursday night. My oldest daughter (who moved out last year) comes too!

Align Your Daily Habits With Your Big Picture Goals

By doing this you can live your life with intention, avoid wasting time, and get closer to your goal every single day. For example, when my goal was to perfect Eat Me Guilt Free’s brownie recipe I took time during the day to research food chemistry. Instead of watching Netflix at night I would go to my kitchen and bake. It’s important to replace specific habits or choose particular times during the day to make sure you follow through on this. 

Redefine What Balance Means To You

In the beginning of Eat Me Guilt Free, I thought of balance as a perfect symmetry, giving equal weight to work, family, socialization… It took me a while to realize that you must redefine balance for yourself- if you plan on staying sane. Remind yourself it’s okay that things are constantly changing, and your definition of balance will change with it.


I hope you found this advice helpful and can implement it in your daily life. I can’t wait to share more about my journey as a mompreneur with you!


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