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We all want to: Have Better Sex

Posted on April 07 2021

We all want to: Have Better Sex

Don’t say no to those ginger shots!

Ginger can improve your sex life by increasing blood circulation to get the juices flowing. 


Namaste in bed with you longer.

Not only will yoga increase your flexibility it has also been shown to help your man stay in the game.


Get that protein in!

Protein has been shown to increase testosterone which is essential for a healthy and satisfying sex life! Next time try having a protein packed snack before getting frisky *wink wink*


Let’s wine and dine!

Treat yourself to that glass of red wine girl, it has been proven to increase blood circulation and lubrication! 


Most importantly own your sexuality.

It’s 2021, let’s finally stop shaming sex. Discover yourself and what makes YOU feel good, don’t be afraid to communicate your wants, needs or desires with your partner. Get adventurous with it, try new things, positions or maybe even places, all that matters is YOU DO YOU.