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Salad Talk

Posted on March 12 2021

Salad Talk

Steph’s health journey started with battling body dysmorphia and an unhealthy relationship with food. She followed crazy diets, yo-yoing from one extreme to another. Once, her two children were born, Steph began to reevaluate her whole relationship with food.


Working closely with a nutritionist and strictly tracking her food intake, Steph was able to lose 70lbs! However after spending so much time tracking and counting her calories, Steph was left with an unhealthy feeling towards food. The weight loss ad almost become an addiction for her and she felt a sense of control along with it, that was lost when she reached her goal weight. Leaving the calorie deficit was a challenge as she had become accustomed to restricting certain foods.


When COVID hit, lockdown was challenging, as Steph had to find a new routine and balance in life. She found activities in her daily life that brought joy and excitement to her, such as making her morning coffee and going for a walk around her neighborhood. Steph began to plan her meals in order to avoid unnecessary snacking throughout the day, creating wholesome, lean and simple meals. She also learned to be king to herself when it came to food, during such a stressful time. Her focus shifted to consciously eating whole, clean foods and listening to how her body feels. Steph learned that all calories are not created equal, high volume whole foods kept her fuller and satisfied for longer, whereas smaller, calorie dense meals did not leave her sasited.


Through her time tracking calories, Steph had a good understanding of portion sizes and calories. Combining this knowledge with her new attitude towards food, she adopted intuitive conscious eating. This allowed her to indulge in foods without feeling guilt and enjoy holidays with no stress around diet. Since freeing herself from the stress and overthinking her diet, Steph now has more time to focus on her family, children and work