It’s 2022…there has never been a better time than now for Women of all ages to start running their own businesses. The rise of both eCommerce and WFH lifestyles has created a perfect environment for women with ambition to begin sole proprietorships, partnerships, and other types of professional ventures (peep our very own Woman Entrepreneur Grant). But, many new entrepreneurs struggle with marketing their brand in the beginning of their businesses — especially those managing a company from home or remotely.

Eat Me Guilt Free is committed to helping female entrepreneurs figure out ways to manage their businesses and distinguish themselves in their niche! Intrigued? Keep reading to learn why the simple use of brand merchandising can help companies market themselves at any stage.

Promo Products Help with Branding

Complimentary items that offer multi-purpose use will see more use and make a positive impression with those receiving the gift. You know it’s not, just another random gift. We’ve seen this approach work time and time again with our own influencer gifting campaigns that feature unique merch. We’ve done everything from custom totes bags to coffee mugs that display a on-brand copy to capture people’s attention. 

We’ve recognized that a brand that associates itself with positive qualities through its merchandise — such as supportiveness and kindness  — will eventually tie those attributes to its brand. SO many people have resonated with this already and it is a highly effective way for female entrepreneurs to adjust the perceptions and positioning of their business. 

Merchandise Gets Customers Excited.. Duh! 

Who isn’t excited when receiving free gifts? Gifts compel a response. The merch we’ve done in the past makes people feel a connection to the brand. This action shows them they are appreciated and valued and it inspires them to further engage with us across different platforms. We’ve noticed that most people become motivated to purchase after receiving goodies from a brand they’re already considering doing business with.

This effect has the potential to translate into both new and repeat business for companies of any size. It would be a great idea for female entrepreneurs to incorporate complimentary branded merch into their mail campaigns when targeting new customers, or provide gifts to previous clients that have been supportive from the start.

Merch is easy! And inexpensive! 

We always opt to create merchandise for our marketing initiatives because it's an effective way for people to organically promote the brand without spending a ton of money. As a startup, we have to be conscious of where our budget is going and branded merch is one of our most effective marketing tactics. 


We recently partnered with DiscountMugs to create some cute coffee mugs to gift to the team, as well as to partners. They also offer discounts on larger orders that allow companies with long-term marketing strategies to save on production costs. Having a lot of promotional merchandise available can be a good option for businesses that rely on presentations and trade shows to gain new clients.

We’re so happy with our new goodies and you can be too! Contact DiscountMugs today for more details on their Small Business Assistance program!