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  • June's WonderFULL Woman: Manuela Velez

    Jun 29 2021

    In case you missed it, we declared 2021 is the year of Woman, and will periodically be featuring WonderFULL Woman whose hard work, dedica...

  • April's WonderFULL Woman: Babelyn Gonzalez

    Apr 28 2021

    Since we declared 2021 the year of the Woman, every month we will be featuring women who inspire us to reach for more.  April's WonderFU...

  • We all want to: Have Better Sex

    Apr 07 2021

    Don’t say no to those ginger shots! Ginger can improve your sex life by increasing blood circulation to get the juices flowing.    Nam...

  • You Glow Girl Museum of Graffiti Event Recap

    Mar 24 2021

    We had the privilege of celebrating our You Glow Girl Women Entrepreneur Grant this past month at the Museum of Graffiti in Miami, FL. H...

  • Salad Talk

    Mar 12 2021

    Steph’s health journey started with battling body dysmorphia and an unhealthy relationship with food. She followed crazy diets, yo-yoin...